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Hugo Reis Medeiros – Post-doctoral fellow, Biology Department, Saint Mary’s University

Project title: “Edge Response of Lichenivorous Gastropods and Their Grazing Impact on At-Risk Lichens in Mixedwood Swamps”

Description: my project is focused on investigating how clearcut logging affects gastropod communities and their grazing impact on lichen communities in Nova Scotia’s forested wetlands. Such ecosystems support a diverse lichen community including rare and at-risk species and the aim of the project is to provide reliable information to aid forest managers and conservationists in defining buffer zones to reduce the impact of clearcut logging on biodiversity.

Anna Williams, Masters of Resource and Environmental Management Candidate, School of Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, 2017-2018.

Project: Assessing the relationship between edge influence and forest characteristics on a global scale using Google Earth Engine